Dancing with the Divine

by Robert Brizee, Adrienne Brizee, and Julia Gotthold

Dancing with the Divine is an adult curriculum with 25 learning modules that invites participants to explore their understanding of God in the context of process theology. "Dancing" was chosen as an image because there are many ways to dance: with one or a number of partners, to a variety of tunes, in a range of tempos, following an array of rhythms. The adventure is to find out how you presently dance with God and how God is inviting you to dance.

Not all people learn the same way, so the authors offer a variety of approaches, including diagrams, singing, stories, and Bible study. Some offerings will engage your thinking, others your intuition and feelings. In all these encounters you will grasp a vision of God. Another approach invites you to integrate this vision of God with your personal life, as you consider how God is present in personal life situations.

Ideal for class or individual study, this spiral bound book is both a course of study and a journal book.

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Sample module (pdf)

Dancing with the Divine