New! The Process Perspective II

book coverby John B. Cobb, Jr., edited by Jeanyne B. Slettom

This book begins where the original book, The Process Perspective left off. Retaining its reader-friendly, question-and-answer format, John B. Cobb, Jr., tackles new questions and misunderstandings about process theology. Divided into three sections Metaphysics, Science, and Faith--a variety of questions on topics of contemporary interest are addressed. What is the process theology view of angels and demons? How does process theology explain free will? How does it respond to stem cells and ensoulment? What about God and Suffering? What is the Relationship between Process, Evangelical, and Liberal Theologies? In answering these and other questions, Cobb opens our minds to new understandings and gives us new ways to relate to our world and the God at work within it.