Almighty? No Way!

Sometimes life presents us with challenges so arresting, so shattering that they change everything. This is the tale of a series of such moments, which began with my son’s diagnosis with autism, sending me into a tailspin and sundering my conventional ideas of God and Torah. This is the tale of my grieving, hopeful journey through libraries of science and philosophy as well as walking the streets of Jerusalem, out of which I began to articulate what I believe is a revolutionary way of loving God, God’s creation and God’s Torah. Read the full article by Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson


Your article, Almight? No Way!

I just wanted to say thank you for your article, Rabbi.  I am new to process thought but am also finding it to be the bridge of an understanding that allows me to continue on my quest to know God more and, yet, sort out of the equation all of mankind's additives like magic, myth, patriarchy, tribalism, and whatever else we have attached.  Thank you for sharing your discovery with all of us.