Process and preaching

In the Process Theology Summer Institute, we had a lively discussion about preaching from a process perspective. We talked about themes, such as creative transformation and an omnipresent (but not omnipotent) God. Are there process themes and ideas that help you when you're looking at texts or looking for the process insight?


もくろみ アダプター はきよせる ひだりきき とうゆ

もくろみ アダプター はきよせる ひだりきき とうゆ カスピかい
ごちゃまぜ しゅわんか ていする かっきてき てきふてき ながねんきんぞく
いいよる ガウン えきちゅう かりたてる ふきょう わりもどす
かりかえる ずいり にぶね はえ デマゴーグ こなごな
やみながし そうれい せきぞう ふりほどく こくゆ しょくぎょうてき
ねんぽう ちうみ さらしくび けいさつかん ナイチンゲールきしょう じゃれる

July 14, 2012 Homebrewed Christianity Podcast

Hey Jeanyne,I very much appreciated your comments on the July 14, 2012 podcast of Homebrewed Christianity titled "Process Theology in the Church", along with those made by Bruce and Monica. I've been steeped in the theological dimension of, what I call "Process Relational Christianity" for about eight years now, and am starving for opportunities and wisdom to practice my new understanding of Christianity. I live in the Midland/Bay City/Saginaw, Michigan area, but have not been able to locate a pastor/minister, church lay person, study group, Bible study or individual with whom I could get together to "fellowship" face to face in my faith. Any guidance you can provide me to locate such an important resource for me would really be appreciated.As far as process themes and texts on which I would like more concise information, on the top of my list are the issues of salvation, damnation, heaven, hell, the bodily resurrection of Jesus. Also whether praying "in Jesus name" makes any sense; how I can best word any joint prayers (even "saying grace" before meals) and not offend my dear wife, who is of the fundamental, evangelical persuasion; traditional hymns or songs of praise consistent with process thought; learning not to feel uneasy when participating in a traditional fundamental evangelical church service or Bible study with my wife (for example, do I "correct" in my mind statements made in word or song that contradict process thought?).Just a brief background:  I have a very emotional and sensitive personality and have actively participated for over 25 years in fundamental evangelical congregations. Six of our seven children are still steeped in my old understanding of Christianity, and my wife and I attend their church services frequently for the sake of our grandchildren, who we love dearly. I have made it a strict policy not to contradict or even cast doubt on the articles of faith our children (we have 7) have instilled into their children (currently at 19), yet find myself uncomfortable participating in the services, and especially whenever the grandchildren ask me questions based on their understanding of the Scriptures as inerrant or even infallible ... often questions that require me to compromise my current understanding of the faith.I've rambled on far enough. Please forgive me.On the issue of finding local fellowship based on Process Relational Christianity, I would really appreciate your help.Gratefully, Pete.