Hi Dr. Cobb,  Thank you for taking our questions.  Like so many others, I am new to the ideas expressed in process theology and am only just beginning to investigate them.  I have several books on order, including yours and others.  I am new, as well, to a serious exploration of theologies in general.  I'm mostly through a first reading of Dr. Paul Tillich's book, Courage to Be, and wondered as I read how courage and other "virtues" are thought of and/or explained in process theology.  (I haven't read all of your responses but didn't see an obvious response already written.  If this topic has already been addressed, could someone please just point me in that direction and disregard this request.)  My own background has progressed from strict conservative views to moderate Baptist views and is now leading beyond.  I am a 2nd career pastor working toward an MDiv.  Thanks so much.



Hi, sorry for the tardy answer! Thanks for sharing your explorations in process theology--I hope you continue to find it helpful in both your studies and your ministry. I've forwarded your question to Dr. Cobb, so we'll wait and see what he responds!


Thanks so much... I'm still finding my way around so it's not late.