Volume 7.1, Fall 1997

CT 7.1 cover

In this issue:

  • The Consoling Power of Process Theology
    by William E. Kaufman
  • Peacemaking as a Discipline
    by Douglas Sturm
  • Toward the Greater Engagement of Process Perspectives with the Traditional Christian Texts
    by Ron Hopson and Matthew Nealy
  • Democratic Vistas on Faith and God, Parts II and III
    by Leslie A. Muray
  • God Wears Red
    by David E. Roy
  • Incarnation, Part I
    by William A. Beardslee
  • Book Review - The Fountain Arethuse
    reviewed by William Beardslee
  • Book Review - The Psychic Revolution of the Twentieth Century and Our Psychic Sense
    reviewed by Bruce G. Epperly
  • Poetry: Three Selections
    by Kathryn Walker Beardslee

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