Volume 5.4, Summer 1996

CT 5.4 cover

In this issue:

  • Education and the Art of Life: Equity in School Financing but Why?
    by Douglas Sturm
  • The Body-Spirit Connection: Mystery and Hope
    by Anne Swallow Gillis
  • If We Could Act Like the Animals
    by Ignacio Castuera
  • The Biblical Story and Our Stories, Part I
    by William A. Beardslee
  • Theodicy for the Sexually Abused
    by Christopher Peyton Miller
  • Chancel Drama: The Ballad of Jennifer
    by Diane Huie Balay
  • Book Review - Songs from the Midst of Flames: Biblical Reflections on an Inclusive Church
    reviewed by William Beardslee
  • Book Review - With Roots and Wings: Christianity in an Age of Ecology and Dialogue
    reviewed by William Beardslee
  • Book Review - God Is Like a Mother Hen and Much, Much More
    reviewed by William Beardslee

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