Volume 4.2, Winter 1995

CT 4.2 cover

In this issue:

  • Images of Hospitality: Images Gathered on a Journey
    by Mary Elizabeth Moore
  • In Defense of Angels
    by Jay McDaniel
  • Introduction to Whitehead
    by Mildred R. Payne
  • Process Theology and Contemporary Political Issues
    by Franklin I. Gamwell
  • Criminality and Community
    by Douglas Sturm
  • Poem: The Shadow of Death
    by James R. Jacobsen
  • Poem: Dance of Process/Faith
    by Kathlyn A. Breazeale
  • Book Review - If I Had Only Known: Dramatic Monologues
    reviewed by William A. Beardslee
  • Book Reviews - Sustaining the Common Good and The Green National Product
    by William A. Beardslee

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