Volume 14.2, Spring 2005

CT 14.2 cover

In this issue:

  • Beauty, Feminism, and Jewish Theology
    by Sandra B. Lubarsky
  • The Idea that Went around the World
    by Patricia Adams Farmer
  • Process from My Perspective
    by R. Gordon Reid
  • Drawing on Circles: Reflections on Luke 5:27-32; 7:36: 14.1; 15:1-2: 19:1-7
    by Ronald L. Farmer
  • The Way of Peace: Moral Challenge for the 21st Century
    by Douglas Sturm
  • Beautiful Teaching
    by Mary Elizabeth Moore
  • Beauty in Our Valley
    by Robert and Adrienne Brizee
  • Liturgy and the 'Beauty of Holiness'
    by Paul S. Nancarrow
  • Practicing Process Spirituality: Wholly Listening
    by Bruce G. Epperly
  • Film Review - Vera Drake
    reviewed by Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki
  • Book Review - The Dinah Project
    reviewed by Kirsten Mebust
  • Book Review - Our Super String Universe
    reviewed by Llody Shepherd
  • Theology for Kids: Footprint Hunt
    by Joan Lucas

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