Honoring Charles Hartshorne, Volume 6.2, Winter 1997

CT 6.2 cover

In this issue:

  • My Debt to Charles Hartshorne
    by John B. Cobb, Jr.
  • Divine Perfection Reconsidered: Hartshorne's Innovation
    by Anna Case-Winters
  • Personal Kindness and Intellectual Gifts
    by Sheila Greeve Davaney
  • Hartshorne's Eschatology: Gratefully Serving God
    by Philip E. Devenish
  • On Politics as a Christian Vocation
    by Franklin I. Gamwell
  • Charles Hartshorne: Pioneer Buddhist-Christian Dialogian
    by Sallie B. King
  • The Character of God
    by David J. Lull
  • Philosophy and the Religious Life
    by Schubert Ogden
  • Neoclassical Thought and Social Ethical Analysis
    by Theodore Walker, Jr.
  • Poetry: Birds in Spring - In Honor of Charles Hartshorne, Lover of Birds
    by Mary Elizabeth Moore

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