The Nature of Scriptural Authority: A Protestant Process Perspective

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April 29, 2002
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Ronald L.
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Among Protestants, scripture plays a foundational role in both personal piety and congregational life. The centrality of scripture and its proclamation manifests itself even in the architectural arrangement of the chancel and its furnishings in most Protestant churches. Not surprisingly, then, the rise of modern biblical criticism has provoked intense discussion and debate regarding the nature of scriptural authority.

A Process-Relational Guide to Death, Grief, and Funerals

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This is a collection of resources for those who deal with death and grief and are in a pastoring role, who are interested in using a process-relational theology as a framework for aid and comfort, and who need to organize a funeral service. This resource is based on my 24 years of ministry, and especially on my experience of pastoring those who have been in the grip of grief over the death of a loved one. I, too, am acquainted with grief. These resources are what I have found helpful for myself and in helping others in grief.

8 Points of Process Theology

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  1. Everything is in process; reality is flowing; nothing ever stays the same.
  2. All things are interconnected; no human is an island; things are present in one another even as they have their autonomy.
  3. The whole of nature has value; all live beings deserve respect; human beings are not the sole repository of value.
  4. Human beings find happiness in sharing experiences with others; there are no isolated egos; all selves are selves-in-relation; humans become whole through reciprocity.

Process Theology

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John B.
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Cobb, Jr.

l. The Origins of Process Theology

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