Process Theology Summer Institute 2014

Study process theology in a relaxed summer setting with world-renowned process theologians and a community of like-minded learners. June 2-6 in Claremont California.


Creative Transformation Volume 21.3-4

CT 21.3-4 cover

New Creative Transformation Volume Online

Articles by Margaret Stout, Carrie Staton, Rafael Reyes III, John B. Cobb, Jr., Timothy Murphy & Michael Jacoby Brown; Book reviews and more!

All Past Creative Transformation Entries Now Online

Throughout this past summer, we have been slowly making available past issues of Creative Transformation on the website. As of this moment, all issues are now available except those requiring membership (Volume 21.1 and henceforth). In case your membership has expired or you are a visitor to this site, you will not be able to access the lastest issues.

Process Theology Summer Institute 2013

June 3-7, Claremont School of Theology campus. Study process theology at its epicenter in sunny Claremont. Classes taught by Jon Berquist, John B. Cobb, Jr., and Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki.

What past participants have said...

"This course offered everything I wanted - except it could have been twice as long!"

"The community that develops is as important as the classes."

"The instructor was an amazing source of information and a marvelous teacher. He really stretched me to think in new ways."

"This has been a fabulous experience!"

Jury Names 2013 Whitehead Award Winners

WIFF logoThe jury for the 2013 12th Annual Whitehead International Film Festival is pleased to announce its choice for the Whitehead Award. The jury has chosen a film that deals with a subject all too common in our contemporary world: the displacement of persons from their homeland for reasons of personal safety and security. Despite institutional safeguards to help such people as they attempt to settle in a new land, the obstacles are formidable: linguistic challenges, family strains, financial burdens. What are the resources for creative transformation in such a situation? Through the child in the film we experience the power of imagination and poetry, offering transcendence, hope, and promise. The jury gives the Whitehead Award to the Austrian film, “Your Beauty is Worth Nothing.”

The jury gives its honorable mention to a film taking us into the universal experience of grief. The journey within the film parallels the grieving process of pain, memory, and transition. In scenes of exceptional beauty, the film explores the courage to be open to new modes of human community despite and even because of one’s loss. Loves of the past continue to live and enliven the present, entering into time’s continuous flow. The jury honors Japan’s beautiful film, “Dearest.”

Audience Award for the 2013 Whitehead International Film Festival:

#1 “Dearest”
#2 “Almanya”

NEXT film festival and class: January 17-20, 2014

Creative Transformation Volume 20:3-4

CT 20:3-4 cover

Advent in a Pluralistic Age

Articles by John B. Cobb, Jr., David Wilkinson, Bradley Artson, Mustafa Ruzgar, Jeffery Long, & Gene Reeves
Advent liturgies by  Jessica Petersen, Timothy Murphy, Jeanyne B. Slettom, and Sarah Bloesch

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Whitehead Word Book

Word Book Cover

A Glossary with Alphabetical Index to Technical Terms in Process and Reality

by John B. Cobb, Jr.

"Finally! What every reader of Whitehead has longed for, and students of Process and Reality have begged for: a glossary of all the most important process terms, written by one the greatest living authorities on Whitehead's thought." ~Philip Clayton

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What Is Process Theology: A Conversation with Marjorie

Red book coverA Conversation with Majorie

by Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki

This accessible booklet, written in a question and answer format, addresses questions about the nature of God, sin, redemption, and resurrection, from the perspective of a process theologian. Ideal for small group discussions or church adult study programs.

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New! The Process Perspective II

book coverby John B. Cobb, Jr., edited by Jeanyne B. Slettom

This book begins where the original book, The Process Perspective left off. Retaining its reader-friendly, question-and-answer format, John B. Cobb, Jr., tackles new questions and misunderstandings about process theology. Divided into three sections Metaphysics, Science, and Faith--a variety of questions on topics of contemporary interest are addressed. What is the process theology view of angels and demons? How does process theology explain free will? How does it respond to stem cells and ensoulment? What about God and Suffering? What is the Relationship between Process, Evangelical, and Liberal Theologies? In answering these and other questions, Cobb opens our minds to new understandings and gives us new ways to relate to our world and the God at work within it.

Almighty? No Way!

Sometimes life presents us with challenges so arresting, so shattering that they change everything. This is the tale of a series of such moments, which began with my son’s diagnosis with autism, sending me into a tailspin and sundering my conventional ideas of God and Torah. This is the tale of my grieving, hopeful journey through libraries of science and philosophy as well as walking the streets of Jerusalem, out of which I began to articulate what I believe is a revolutionary way of loving God, God’s creation and God’s Torah. Read the full article by Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

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