New Book: Benjamin Broadsweep

Benjamin Broadsweep

Benjamin Broadsweep

A Novel by Lee Crawford

Life in a supposedly idyllic Rocky Mountain resort community is disrupted one summer for a small group of people involved with two churches, one the long established mainline First Presbyterian and the other a start-up fundamentalist Gospel Assembly Fellowship. Benjamin Broadsweep of First Presbyterian feels the need to try to sabotage the start-up project, but his clandestine pranks backfire.

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Remembering Mary Ellen Kilsby


After a prolonged illness and entering hospice, Mary Ellen Kilsby, a long-time member and friend of the process community, died on January 4, 2013. Mary Ellen will be deeply missed by many whose lives she touched, including her four children, eleven grandchildren, but also by her process friends.

Remembering Kathlyn Breazeale


Kathlyn Anne Breazeale, a long-time member and friend of the process community, died on September 23, 2012 after living with cancer for two years. She started working at the Center for Process Studies in the summer of 1990 as she began Ph.D. work in Claremont, and served as the Co-Assistant Director until the spring of 1993.  She has been described as "bubbly, funny, joyous."

Questions for Dr. Cobb? Ask them!

There are many topics that Dr. Cobb has addressed over the years. Each month he answers a new question. Look at the past questions. Is yours missing? Send it to us! Questions should be brief, to the point, and novel. Any biographical information should be removed. Send your question here and then look forward to seeing the answer!

Sara Kay, "On the Way": Music from a process perspective

Sara Kay, "On the Way"Richard Bruxvoort Colligan's review of Sara's debut album, "On the Way":
In some ways, it’s solid church music. In other ways, Sara Kay’s new CD, “On the Way” is a bit subversive. Sara’s debut CD contains 15 original songs offered up with a stripped-down coffeehouse mix, true to Sara’s personal music. Take your time with your Earl Grey and take in Sara’s voice simply accompanied by acoustic guitar and piano and you’ll feel like you’ve been in worship. In a good way. [Click here to listen.]

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