The Good News of Process

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What is the good news that a process theology kerygma or proclamation has to offer? All things or entities have value for themselves, for others, and for the world.

Why is this more than simply a nice piece of information; why is this good news? If your life is secure and comfortable, the only good news you're inclined to listen to is that all is well and everything's under control.

Preferential Option and Process

Can a process god have a preferential option for the poor?
Publication Month: 
February 2013
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John B.
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Cobb, Jr.

This is a thoughtful question. We process theologians believe that God loves everyone and everything. God loves the sinner and the saint; the whale and the sparrow; the weak and the powerful. If having a “preferential option” meant that God loved poor people more than God loved rich people, we could not make that statement in an unqualified way.

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