What Is Process Theology: A Conversation with Marjorie

Red book coverA Conversation with Majorie

by Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki

This accessible booklet, written in a question and answer format, addresses questions about the nature of God, sin, redemption, and resurrection, from the perspective of a process theologian. Ideal for small group discussions or church adult study programs.

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A central tenet of Christianity, it would seem, is redemption. I have searched for a process theology elaboration on that theme but not found it. Does that mean that for somebody to whom redemption is an indispensable as well as priceless part, one is left with orthodox Christian tenets (God is reconciling himself to mankind through Christ, who bears all sins)?
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April 2006
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John B.
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Cobb, Jr.

Dr. Cobb's Response

This question caught my attention because, if, indeed, process theology does not address the topic of redemption, broadly conceived, it is hardly a theology at all! To respond to this challenge, we must distinguish two questions. First, is the word “redemption” commonly used by process theologians? On this question, the problem of the questioner in finding sustained treatment strongly suggests that the answer is negative. I realize that I have not thematically treated it in my writings.

Earth Day Service

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This liturgy was written to reflect a process-relational theology.

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