prevenient grace

How can grace operate in a religiously pluralist world?

I am interested in the relevance of prevenient grace to Christian interaction with non-Christian religions. Can religion itself (however it is defined) be a means of prevenient grace through which a person experiences salvation?
Publication Month: 
October 2011
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John B.
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Cobb, Jr.

Prevenient grace is not a Wesleyan monopoly, but I am going to refer in my answer to Wesley. Wesley’s understanding of prevenient grace was clear, and the doctrine was important to him. In many ways, Wesley’s teaching flows into process thought, or perhaps process thought flows into Wesley. For both, God works graciously in everyone. That gracious working can lead to justification and sanctification, and as it does in takes on new names. That is, it is no longer prevenient but, instead, justifying and sanctifying.

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