parable of the wedding feast

Proper 23A

October 9, 2011
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Reading 1: 
Exodus 32:1-14
Reading 2: 
Psalm 106:1-6
Reading 3: 
Philippians 4:1-9
Reading 4: 
Matthew 22:1-14
Alt Reading 2: 
Pslam 23
Alt Reading 1: 
Isaiah 25:1-9
By Rick Marshall

Discussing the Texts

It seems to be “party time” with two of the texts. The text from Exodus is the famous telling of the Golden Calf incident. The other text is from the Matthew, the parable of the Wedding Banquet. But the two stories couldn’t be different and so it would be fruitful to compare them. Even the text from Isaiah is joyful, as is the text from Philippians. What are all the texts celebrating? For one thing, they all celebrate a change in future prospects when the divine presence is taken into account.

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