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Creative Transformation Volume 21.3-4

CT 21.3-4 cover

New Creative Transformation Volume Online

Articles by Margaret Stout, Carrie Staton, Rafael Reyes III, John B. Cobb, Jr., Timothy Murphy & Michael Jacoby Brown; Book reviews and more!

All Past Creative Transformation Entries Now Online

Throughout this past summer, we have been slowly making available past issues of Creative Transformation on the website. As of this moment, all issues are now available except those requiring membership (Volume 21.1 and henceforth). In case your membership has expired or you are a visitor to this site, you will not be able to access the lastest issues.

Creative Transformation Volume 20:3-4

CT 20:3-4 cover

Advent in a Pluralistic Age

Articles by John B. Cobb, Jr., David Wilkinson, Bradley Artson, Mustafa Ruzgar, Jeffery Long, & Gene Reeves
Advent liturgies by  Jessica Petersen, Timothy Murphy, Jeanyne B. Slettom, and Sarah Bloesch

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