Christian Inclusivism

Christmas - Proper III

December 25, 2006
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Christmas 2000 Proper I, Year B

John Cobb on Incarnation
Daniel Day Williams on incarnation

Reading 1: 
Isaiah 52:7-10
Reading 2: 
Psalm 98
Reading 3: 
John 1:1-14
By Russell Pregeant

There are aspects of the first chapter of the Gospel of John that are particularly process-friendly. John 1 is, of course, the incarnation text par excellence. What makes it so amenable to a process interpretation is that the incarnation of the Logos in the person of Jesus is not simply the invasion of a reality that is alien to the world; it stands, rather, in continuity with the presence of the Logos in all creation.

What Does it Mean to be a Christian?

Author - First Name: 
John B.
Author - Last Name: 
Cobb, Jr.

John 8:31
Luke 4:18-19

The answers to this question are quite diverse. Some say that Christians are all those who place that label on themselves. For statistical surveys that is the best way to go. Many people who are not members of any church call themselves Christians, and that has some significance. On the other hand, there are some church members who will, when pressed, assert that they are not Christians. That they reject the label is also of some significance.

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