Catherine Keller

Most Influential Students

Who have been your most influential students (intellectually, theologically, and popularly)?
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October 2013
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John B.
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Cobb, Jr.

Since I enjoy recalling and rejoicing in former students, I appreciate this question as a chance to reflect in a distinctive way. My first response is that each of them has found her or his own way to such an extent that ranking them is quite meaningless. For example, I think of some who have given leadership to process theology in Japan, Korea, and India. How great their influence may be I do not know, and I will not include them here.

Our "Spooky Connectedness," or Why I Love Catherine Keller

jeanynePeople who write about process theology can be eloquent and inspiring, or intellectual and demanding, but for sheer poetic beauty no one surpasses Catherine Keller. Catherine writes as a theologian, yes, but also as someone who could as easily have gotten an MFA in writing as an MDiv and PhD in theology.

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