The Good News of Process

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What is the good news that a process theology kerygma or proclamation has to offer? All things or entities have value for themselves, for others, and for the world.

Why is this more than simply a nice piece of information; why is this good news? If your life is secure and comfortable, the only good news you're inclined to listen to is that all is well and everything's under control.

Yet to the extent that you, your community, or your environment is used as a disposable "it," a mere thing whose value is measured in narrowly instrumental or economic terms, you're in need of hearing an alternative good word.

Process theology offers not just a reasonable metaphysic: it offers good news wherever one's value is denied or narrowly defined. Whitehead's philosophy tries to demonstrate the objective value of subjective experience. Since all entities are to some degree experiencing subjects, they are intrinsically valuable. Since all things are interconnected, they are not merely isolated values for themselves but also potential values for others, indeed for the entire planet!

In a world experiencing exploitation, domination, and marginalization, a good word of universal value relations may just be the message we need to be sharing in word and deed at this time.