Welcome to the new P&F website!

Anyone who knows even a little bit about process theology knows that the world is constantly in process and everything changes. Anyone who knows even a little bit about the Internet knows that the technology is always developing, and websites are always changing. When process theology and technology converge you get—among other things—a new website. Welcome to this one.

Our new site is far more dynamic than the old one, enabling you to make comments, start or add to discussion forums or sign up for our email list. You'll still find the lectionary commentaries, liturgies, “Ask Dr. Cobb” feature, Flux Bookstore, and issues of Creative Transformation to help you with worship planning and faith formation, to deepen your spirituality, and help you learn, or explain to others, what process theology is all about.

Before you get started—a few tips and a few caveats. First, if you want to participate in the forums, you need to register. There’s no cost for this, but registration is the first step toward more active engagement with the P&F community and this website. Second, we’re still migrating and creating content—so if you want to add your two cents about what you’d like to see (or contribute!) please jump in. Third, there will be a members-only section—after a short de-bugging period—so current members will get instructions about that in a few weeks. If you’re not a member now—please consider joining. Your support really makes a difference.  

~Jeanyne Slettom