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The Good News of Process

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What is the good news that a process theology kerygma or proclamation has to offer? All things or entities have value for themselves, for others, and for the world.

Why is this more than simply a nice piece of information; why is this good news? If your life is secure and comfortable, the only good news you're inclined to listen to is that all is well and everything's under control.

Replacing the church with churching

Timothy Murphy

One of Whitehead's notions is called the "fallacy of misplaced concreteness." That is when you take as concrete what is actually abstract. What if we applied this notion to the church?

Co-creators and Our Aims

What difference does it make whether one thinks that God offers us a distinct aim towards which we aim in each moment or that we ourselves are co-creators with God of our own aims? This may seems like a purely speculative question, something for scholastics. But I believe how we answer this question may shape how to relate to creativity and to God.

Why Process?

Timothy pictureEveryone who has found process theology helpful reaches that conclusion based on different reasons and experiences. We each have diverse relevant worlds that lure us in particular directions, for process theology is not one entity that can be felt from only one side.

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